Chris Mendeed ♥

I'm not going to be online for quite a while (N)

Yeah, so my laptop charger has decided to break again, so as I'm typing this my laptop is slowly dying. I would go on the main computer all the time but that's just too much hassle. I'll be on POSSIBLY once or twice a week, so I'm going to have to do my best to catch up with my friends page but apologies if I miss something important.
On the plus side, my exams are properly done now. NO MORE GCSEs AT ALL. My results day is 27th August, so I will be bricking it right up until then. Sixth form induction day is next week, what a barrel of laughs that will be. [/sarcasm]
And I just walked 5 miles home in 3 inch heels and now my feet are the size of footballs. Brilliant.

Bye for now guyyyyys :) xo

And yes this entry is public. Incase any randomers were thinking of friending me and then getting offended because I don't friend them back. But honestly the chances of that actually happening are quite slim.